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0% Alcohol Spirits // First Taste Recorded!

  • Stryyk Not Vodka
  • Stryyk Not Gin
  • Stryyk Not Rum

This is our first taste of STRYYK’s Alcohol free “Not Vodka”, “Not Gin” and “Not Rum” – Now we’ve only tasted them neat at this point and during the week we’ll put them through their paces in some zero alcohol mixed drinks.

What are your thoughts on zero alcohol spirits in general? Tweet me @BartenderHQ with your view, and we’ll read the best on the next show.

Bartender Passions – what do you love outside of the bar?

We asked the Worldwide Bartender Community what they love away from the bar and talk about being a more rounded human, and how it makes your personal brand more engaging!

Creating content for you and your bar

As mentioned in the show, Gary Vaynerchuk has created a 250 slide deck on how to create massive amounts of content across images, text, video and audio to help share your story, whether for business or to grow your personal profile. You can find the deck at the link below, its free and you don’t even need to give an email address!

Gender Neutral Cocktails?

This is a topic we’ll be addressing next week but a bar in London has created a menu of colourless, nameless drinks in the hope that they’re able to remove preconceptions about who a drink is intended for and focus on the flavours.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this over on Twitter! @BartenderHQ

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