On this week’s podcast we’re talking dehydrated fruit garnishes and why every bar needs a dehydrator in their arsenal.

Fruit dehydrators are a great option for bars in terms of reducing food waste while making drinks more attractive to the guest. Dehydrated fruits last far longer than fresh fruit, while retaining much of the flavour and becoming more aromatic in many cases.

There are plenty of options to explore, from citrus wheels to cinnamon apple slices, pineapple wheels and much more. Dehydrated fruits allow bars to offer a much wider range of flavours and garnishes without the waste.

Equipment Options:

Low Cost Dehydrator

Oypla Electrical Food Dehydrator Machine with Thermostat Control

Mid Range Dehydrator

Bvivoa Food Dehydrator Fruit-Meat Dryer with Temperature Control, 5 Stackable Trays, BPA-Free (5 Trays 2, 35-70°C)

Professional Dehydrator

BioChef Savana Food Dehydrator with 6, 9 or 12 Stainless Steel Trays, Timer & Preset Drying Modes (6 Tray)

Tips in the UK Vs USA

In the show we also answered a question from our Worldwide Bartender Community on Facebook about the difference between working in the UK and USA in terms of tipping culture.

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