On this week’s show, Dana Fares, Mixologist at Vya Vermouth joins us.

We talk about how Vya was created at the Quady winery in California, and why its different from the majority of vermouth on the market. Vya was developed in 1999, the first American vermouth.

What is Vya Vermouth?

Designed to be drunk alone as well as in cocktails, Vya Vermouth uses a really high quality wine base. Many other vermouths use lower standard wines as the herbal and botanical flavours are able to mask the wine flavour.

Vya Vermouth will also be holding a tasting room at Tales of the Cocktail where guests will be invited to create their own drinks with Vya. The Vya range contains Sweet, Dry and Whisper Dry. During the show we taste the first two, but we’ve not got our hands on Whisper Dry just yet. Not that we’re bitter about that, not at all.

Freesia Garden Vya Vermouth

Recommended Vya Vermouth Drinks

Dana’s favourite drink with Vya is the Freesia Garden, described on their website as “Refreshing and bright, this cocktail recipe is a perfect way to celebrate spring. The cucumber-mint juice is crisp and cooling while the Freesia infused Vya Whisper Dry adds a subtle layer of floral flavors with a delicate hint of pepper.” You can find the recipe on theĀ Quady Wines website here!

Samuel’s Figgy Smalls cocktail is:Figgy Smalls Vya Vermouth

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