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Brian Weber’s top tips for surviving Tales of the Cocktail:Brian Weber

1: FOMO – Avoid Fear of Missing Out

There is too much at Tales of the Cocktail for anyone to see it all, so plan ahead and make sure you hit the events you need, and make use of phone alarms to avoid losing track of time!

2: Talk to people, make friends and stay in touch

Bartenders make friends for a living – Make sure you have plenty of business cards! – Our tip – take a picture on your phone of the person with their card so you keep the face in mind too!

3: Notes and backing up

Even if you’re not at Tales to create content, make use of things like DropBox to keep anything you record safe, whether its your photos, notes, videos, whatever! You’ll be tasting a lot and you won’t remember everything without notes

4: Tip Early and Often

Make sure the staff you’ll see often know you’ll take care of them so they take care of you during your stay. – Pro tip – Ship things you need direct to the hotel rather than carrying them yourself.

5: Getting around

Use Uber – No need for cash, fair fares and a way to see where you’ve been the next day if things get messy! Save your destinations in your phone so you know where you’re heading.

6: Set Phone alarms for waking up as well as 15 mins before events so you don’t miss a thing!

7: Don’t forget to eat

You’ll quickly flag if you’re not properly nourished – so schedule eating into your day!

8: Get enough sleep

Nothing worse than falling asleep in the best event of the weekend so make sure you rest so you can play hard too.

Bonus tip – How to deal with flirty drunk girls with giant boyfriends

We talk briefly about cask conditioned beers and touch on flair – want to hear us talk more about that? Let us know on Twitter at @BarKeepTips and @BartenderHQ

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  1. Oh I forgot! Be sure to download the official Tales App! There is a new one for each specific event usually released about a month prior to the event.

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