On this week’s podcast we talk to Grant Thompson from Tipll – a new app that allows people going fora night out in a new city to find the best bars and drink like a local, through the magic of augmented reality on their phone.

Tipll – Drink like a local!

Tipll lets users filter bars, restaurants and clubs according to their preferences, flags up venue information and offers, and leads them to the door using built-in GPS functionality.

Quick but accurate live ratings and reviews let others engage with those experiences in real time, while additional in-app features to be introduced later in 2018 – such as cashless payments and taxi ordering – will make Tipll a one-stop shop for a night out. 

Tipll App

Benefits for users and venues of Tipll

The brains behind Tipll is local entrepreneur Grant Thompson, who has drawn from years of experience working in the leisure industry to create an app that’s as useful for venues and destinations as it is fun for users.

“By Tipll-ing it, visitors spend less time searching for a venue that suits them, and more time enjoying the experience when they get there”, Grant explained.

“At the same time, by giving easy access to useful information about different bars, restaurants and clubs, Tipll is able to increase the footfall and dwell time that local businesses receive, while also encouraging responsible drinking.

“One of the most attractive features for venues is Tipll’s live promotional service using augmented reality – a bit like Pokémon Go for bars. Restaurants and pubs can promote their up-to-date offers to passers-by that have the app, and users simply point their phone at a participating venue to view the current deals.”

Tipll’s main audience will be people who are visiting new cities for short breaks or for work, though Grant also sees the app appealing to students and large groups, such as stag and hen parties.

One handy filter function lets groups find venues that will welcome them, with plans to add pre-purchasing of drinks via the app. Several safety-related features are also in development, including a personal kitty for taxi fares, and a find-a-friend service to prevent members of a group getting separated from each other.

As well as creating a tool that promotes venues and helps visitors have a better night out, Grant is also keen for organisations such as local councils and Business Improvement Districts to take advantage of the social data that the app collects. 

“Tipll gathers all kinds of insights about patterns of trade, and the trends of the people visiting that area, that haven’t been available before.

“For example, it tracks what drinks users buy, average transaction value, dwell time in each venue, demographic data, where users are visiting from, and the routes they take between bars, interlinking this with data from hotspots.

“This data has lots of potentially useful applications, such as driving traffic from one area to another through call-to-action promotions, tracking visitor trends, or informing decisions about where to open new restaurants or bars.

“Our primary purpose with Tipll is to create something that users love, and that makes going out in a new city easy, safe and fun. However, by also building lasting relationships with destinations and venues, we’re really excited about the wider opportunities to promote and better understand our vibrant local economies.”

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