Tim Morris has to be among the most inspirational bartenders to me when I was starting out – well, when I discovered the real competition hotbed that is Las Vegas anyway! Right from the start, Scott Young from ExtremeBartending.com was the first I learned from (on VHS Video) and then Raging Rob Stevens, another TGI Friday’s legend.

Tim was the only American in the finals of King of the Ring, and came 7th from memory, but I loved watching his routine over and over. He flared to ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by NSync, built in dance moves and just really sold the routine to the crowd. He also won the Tandem flair portion of the competition that year.

Tim is also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. I travelled to London to compete at the Roadhouse (which is really as big as it gets in the UK) and Graham Warner, a Canadian who was also legendary and helping to train for TGI Friday’s refurbishment at the time asked if I needed a barback, and walked over with Tim, so I was there on one of my earliest national competitions with guys either side of me, both at the time within the top 10 flair bartenders in the world, picking up the stuff I dropped and drying my tins for me. I remember when I thanked the guys after the routine, Tim taught me a nice tin flourish which I still use to this day. I told him how kinda star struck I was, and his response was “Hey, at the end of the day, we all clean ashtrays for a living”.

I don’t know if Tim is still working in Vegas, but if he is when I get there, the dude is getting an epic tip.

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