In our series of cocktails using the Lime & Thyme Syrup (ingredients here), here is the Thyme of Innocence. Created for 101 Marina at One & Only The Palm in Dubai, the drink’s complex flavour is enough to make you forget it’s alcohol free.


Chilled Cocktail Glass with a Lemon Twist and Thyme Sprig.

Thyme of Innocence Ingredients


Shake with ice and fine strain

Additional Information

Don’t forget to pay attention to your guests who choose not to drink alcohol for whatever reason, be it a religious belief, being the designated driver, or simply preferring not to drink. Today less people are choosing to drink alcohol than 10 years ago, but that is no reason to ignore these potential guests. If your non-alcoholic menu is limited to sodas that they could easily pick up at a local grocery store for less money, what is the guest’s incentive to visit your bar?

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