A true cocktail of its time, the Screaming Orgasm has fallen from favour in recent years, in favour of more refined drinks, though that does not mean you won’t get asked for them anymore!


Collins Glass


  • ½oz Vodka
  • ½oz Amaretto
  • ½oz Kahlua
  • ½oz Baileys
  • 3oz Half & Half (50/50 Milk & Single Cream mix)


Shake with ice and strain.

Additional Information:

The original Orgasm did not have the Vodka added, and as with other cocktails the vodka appends the name with Screaming (see Screaming Banana Banshee for example) while others note vodka’s addition with other words such as the “Flying Grasshopper”. The drink rose to favour more for its controversial name and the amusement of asking the bartender for a Screaming Orgasm than for its flavour, though it must be said that creamy drinks like this are very popular with female drinkers. Even if you have too nice of a bar to include such a crudely named drink on your menu, make sure you know the screaming orgasm recipe as you’re sure to be asked for one eventually!

Many ice cream drinks are closely related to the screaming orgasm such as the Mudslide.

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3 thoughts on “The Screaming Orgasm Cocktail

  1. Actually, when I was in Reno, I was first introduced to the “Screaming Orgasm” and it actually contained Grand Marnier (Spelling sucks?), Baileys, milk or cream and Amaretto over ice. This was back in 1987. I swear to it. I NEVER got the Vodka part. Although Kahluah was an option. But it certainly had the Grand M. in it Try it my way. Tell me what you think!!!! My guess is that Vodka was substituted for price, but I am telling the truth!!!!!

    1. It’s so good, you can’t “Slam-it”, just sip & savor it. Soooooo Gooood. But this is not a drink you want to have all night, or the sugar will hurt you badly with the alcohol together as a bad hang-over in the sun-up time, so either eat well and drink plenty of WATER (Two glasses to one drink), or truly enjoy this concoction as one of the God’s drinks somewhere up there in the sky or in one’s dreams as a few libations to yourself. Just with these sweet liquors, don’t be notty and push yourself past your limit even if they taste great. YOU MUST replace with water and eat something low carbohydrate, low sugar and healthier like salmon or tofu or anything but barbecued food, because that’s just adding more sugar, which dehydrates you!!!!!! Take care. With all alcohol, drink plenty of water for your organs to deal with it, and a simple healthy meal. It will not take away from your “High”. That’s B.S. Just care for your body when part time. Water IS truly your absolute best friend!!!

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