During my years at TGI Friday’s there were many new cocktails added to our menu, including the Russian Spring Punch, El Diablo and the Bramble Cocktail, all during a single menu update that brought some of the contemporary classics to the Friday’s menu and as part of the roll out, Friday’s in the UK also for the first time had lemon and lime juices behind the bar (admittedly bought in and from concentrate, but before that time citrus was all from either Sweet & Sour or Lime Mix, both made up from powder mixes).

I believe these drinks were in the last revision of the menu while the SauceGuide (now Diffords Guide) to Cocktails were collaborating on it.

Wikipedia says of the Bramble Cocktail:

“The Bramble is a cocktail created by Dick Bradsell in 1980s London, England. Best described as a spring cocktail, the Bramble brings together dry ginlemon juice, sugar syrup and crème de mûre. Bradsell also suggests finishing off the cocktail with some fresh red fruits (such as blackberries, cranberries) and a slice of lemon. The Bramble is served with crushed ice, over which the cocktail is poured. The visual ‘trickle down’ effect, similar to a bramble bush is often credited as the origin of the cocktail’s name. It closely resembles the popular Gin Fix.”

The Bramble is considered a modern classic and the IBA specified recipe for the Bramble cocktail is as follows

Bramble Cocktail IngredientsBramble-Cocktail-dick-bradsell

How to mix a Bramble Cocktail

Build the first three ingredients over crushed (or cracked) ice. Stir these ingredients and drizzle the Creme de Mure over the top of the drink to achieve a pleasing bleed effect to the drink. Garnish with two speared blackberries and a lemon slice.

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