On our podcasts we want YOU to start doing – and tag whatever you do with #MyBartenderLife so that I can see your passion for bartending. Whether your passion is for Craft Beers, Craft Cocktails, bartending at speed, owning the party, I want to know.

So get posting your thoughts on the bar industry, your walk to work and when and where you’re working, and don’t forget to tag!

David Eden-Sangwell is a 20 year veteran of the bar industry. Working across the UK, Dubai, and Europe behind the bar as well as with marketing experience with multiple drinks brands, premium bars and even the UK’s biggest drinks wholesaler.

Bartenderhq.com offers content creation services, social media management, menu and training consultancy for pubs, bars, restaurants and drinks brands. We’d love to chat about creating content and getting attention to your bar or drinks brand, email David@BartenderHQ.com for a consultation.

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