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Drunk Tech Review

We’re featuring Drunk Tech Review on Youtube – hilarious videos featuring the latest tech reviewed by a bunch of friends playing drinking games. You get really honest reviews as a result and these guys don’t pull punches! NSFW, but lets be honest, most of us don’t work in your average office!

Brugal¬†& 86 Company¬†bottles from a Flair Bartender’s perspective

We put the latest Brugal bottle style complete with it’s net covering through its paces in flair bartending, followed by the 86 company’s bottle (as you would buy Aylesbury Duck vodka, Fords Gin, Cana Brava Rum or Tequila Cabeza) with surprising results!

The Flair Project

Roadhouse Rules Breakdown

We delve deep into the Roadhouse Flair rulebook to work out where the points are, how to maximise your score and find those neglected areas where the smart bartenders can boost their placing without learning new moves! Check out our previous article on improving your score in competition here. If you’d like to read along as we break down the rules you can find the pdf here.
If you want to learn more or get involved in The Flair Project, check out the full details here

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