Okay, so I have to say, when I saw this appear in the facebook suggested videos, I was interested, then skeptical, but having thought about it, this could actually be a pretty good idea. Just not for the reason they sell it for.
I have to say, key ring bottle openers are under rated, as I discovered at the Best Bar None awards in December last year in Birmingham. Carlsberg were a supported of the event and had placed buckets of beer and some of their new fruit infusions on every table. Thanks Carlsberg! Unfortunately no-one thought to provide the tables with bottle openers, so I was opening the table’s beers for everyone using the expensive silverware provided, but I was shocked how many industry professionals were looking blankly at closed beers or spilling them everywhere trying to open them on the bucket handles.
The idea of the Pop & Stop is that it’s a compact beer opener that also slides over the top of your beer sealing it invade it gets knocked over or allowing you to leave it in the refrigerator for another day without loosing it’s fizz. I don’t think I’ve ever saved half a beer for another day in my life.
The other selling point is so people can identify their own beers at a party, a la wine glass charms. Again, I rarely put a beer down once it’s open, but I do see the idea here.
However, avoiding drinks being spiked in clubs would be a great application for these, stopping anyone dropping anything into the top of a bottle while you’re distracted.
Also as a child, my parents instilled my brother and I with a healthy paranoia (what other kind is there?) or bees and wasps getting into open cans of drink when having a picnic, and these would be perfect to avoid the bugs getting in your bottle and stinging your face from the inside. No-one wants that.
Anyway, the project has almost doubled its kickstarter target with 15 days to go, so if you like the idea, go and support them.


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