Mixology Talk Podcast

I’m the guest on this week’s Mixology Talk podcast from ABarAbove.com, check out the episode here for my Dubai stories and how to get started in Flair Bartending

Vermouth Preservation

Most vermouths you will find in bars have gone bad by the time you drink them, check this article for why it happens and how to reduce the problem: SeriousSeats.com

Bartender Shoes

What to wear for best results behind the bar, and do you need these $150 Bartender Sneakers? No. These Dunlop Mens Footwear Kansas Safety Shoes are all you need to avoid slips and protect those feet behind the bar. You can’t bartend fast on crutches… (Thanks to Steve Darwin for the better option!) Here’s Steve’s article he wrote us by the way! http://bartenderhq.com/bar-cleanliness/

Robotic Bartending- Royal Caribbean

Can robots really replace bartenders on board ship? At least they don’t suffer from hangovers…

Turtle Bay Birmingham Review

Filled with promise but ultimately slow service probably cost them a new regular. Such a shame. Full review is here.

Drink of the Week

About That Thyme, as made in 101 Marina, One & Only The Palm, Dubai

Tips for Tips

Being fully stocked with whatever your bar is missing and your guests want. Fill in the blanks and rake in the cash with this one, listen for full details!

The Promised Flair Video!

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