Vanguard bar closed to bring new experience – The Pineapple Club to Birmingham city centre.

Birmingham’s newest bar and restaurant is set to open in the heart of the city very soon – Welcome to The Pineapple Club Cocktail Bar & Beer Boutique.

The Pineapple Club – Cocktail Bar & Beer Boutique, is set to open across two floors in the city centre. The venue is the latest from the award-winning team behind The Vanguard Cocktail Bar and Meadery which closed it’s door in march.

The Pineapple Club will be a new offering from the company, promising a very different experience. Samuel Boulton, Managing Director has stated “We really love what we have put together at The Vanguard. We’ve won so many awards and reignited a forgotten drink (mead), but for some time we realised our dreams have outgrown our existing space so much that an upgrade was in order”.

Samuel behind the bar of the Vanguard

Pushing Boundaries

The focus of The Pineapple Club will be pushing boundaries and challenging norms, using their team of experts to make every aspect as good as it can be. “There are a number of great venues in the city but all too often even the best have not offered everything consumers want under one roof. We have brought these attributes together in our own way, alongside some unique offerings that cannot be found elsewhere in the city” said Samuel.

Upstairs will be home to a bold, contemporary art deco inspired bar and restaurant, the brainchild of award-winning interior designer Maisie Violet Rees. Serving up to 80 guests, the offerings will include an exciting range of carefully crafted cocktails along with a brunch and small plate menu delivered by Santi Plazas (former sous chef at El Boracho Tapas). The bar will also serve 200 Degrees Coffee along with locally sourced pastries, perfect for early mornings or work meetings.

The ground floor will be home to a shop that focuses on an extensive bespoke range of the very best craft beers, real ale, spirits, liqueurs and (of course) mead. The shop will be open from 10am Monday – Saturday, staffed by the amazing team who will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

Every six months the drinks menu will be updated, offering unique drink servings based around a specific concept. The current menu promises to transport you straight to Miami Beach, with flavours which will leave you feeling nostalgic for moments you may have never experienced. Keep your eye out for “The Biscayne Blue” a blend of Bombay Sapphire Gin, Original English Mead, Elderflower and botanical cordial in a glass garnished with a beautiful, vibrant blue edible paint.

“We decided that a small plate food offering would be most exciting to consumers, supporting the social aspect of dining while allowing flexibility to try new dishes. By offering a mix of cuisines, we are able to present the best dishes out there, regardless of where they are from, no-one ever said you could only serve one thing, it has just become an industry norm!” said Samuel.

Pineapple Club Menu

The opening menu will include a selection of Spanish, Italian, British and Columbian cuisine feeding from Santi’s culinary history and heritage. The brunch menu will be served from 10am before moving onto the small plate offering for lunch. There will be special events, such as paella nights, to ensure there is always something new to try.

The Pineapple Club is poised to open in the next few months (lockdown permitting) as Birmingham’s newest and most Instagram-able venue to date! It will be open from 10am ‘til late Monday – Saturday. You can learn more by following The Pineapple Club on Facebook or Instagram @PineappleBrum.

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