On this week’s BartenderHQ Podcast we’ll be covering the headlines in the world of bars, drinks and cocktails, talking about how to perfectly balance cocktails, our drink of the week and how to make drinks faster, so lets get on with the show!

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How to perfectly balance cocktails, and which versions of recipes you should learn

Thanks to listener Geena for our main topic this week – with multiple versions of any given cocktail recipe available to find in different books and sources online, does it come down to bartender preference as to which version you should learn and make for your guests? Also, with different guests having different tastes, how sweet, sour or dry should drinks taste? What is the best way to deal with different tastes for sweetness.

Listen in to the podcast for my thoughts, and below you’ll find the resources for recipes that I personally use (other than the brand’s own approved recipes).

If you’re having problems with keeping your drinks committed to memory, check out our ebook on how I was able to memorise over 600 drinks here: http://bartenderhq.com/memorising-cocktails-the-easy-way/

Our Drink of the Week – Hibiscus Gin Fizz


Our Saturday was spent over at the National Space Centre mixing up a storm for World Gin Day with Loca Bev’s Minus 33 Juniper Distilled Spirit making Gin & Tonics (ok, Minus 33 isn’t quite Gin, but lets just get past that for simplicity, ok?) with muddled lemon pieces to give it a real sharp citrus flavour, along with our Hibiscus Gin Fizz. As anyone who’s worked events on temporary bars, or in fact, tables in space centres for example, sometimes you need to change your recipes to suit what you have. For example, without fridges, your bottled sparkling water will be warm, and when you’re making carbonated straight up drinks, you can’t shake them.

We took a huge conical flask that was a part of our set dressing for the lab inspired drink, filled it with ice, dried hibiscus and our sparkling water so it was nicely chilled, and added some really nice colour to the drink too, while adding theatre to making the drink. So what’s in it?

  • 25ml Minus 33 Juniper Distilled Spirit
  • 5ml Honey
  • 20ml Lemon Juice
  • 75ml Hibiscus infused sparkling water

With a couple of floating hibiscus petals and an orange twist on the edge of the flute, the drink looked fantastic, selling over 100 during the evening.

Tip of the Week – Optimise your bar set up

We’re talking minimising movement, highest volume bottles in the speedrail and arranging them for multi grabs. Have a listen and check out more details here.

Want some killer cocktail recipes?

Get your hands on some of my most popular recipes in a really handy format, including the Espresso Martini recipe that bought me a TV from a single tip! Get the FREE Cocktails eBook here. http://bartenderhq.com/killercocktails

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