I’m chatting with Magician Ben Francis who opened The Oracle Magic Bar in Liverpool late in 2019.

The pubs and bars in England were given the go-ahead to reopen their doors last weekend. We talk about how they’ve adjusted to the changes required to keep guests safe and how to open a bar based around magic performance when live entertainment is banned.

The Oracle Magic Bar is a beautiful and nostalgic venue filled with nods to the magic community from menu colours to famous magicians favourite drinks being served.

Independently owned and imagined, The Oracle is a far step away from anything ordinary. It’s enticingly elegant with a touch of mystery. Located in the centre of Liverpool, we’re a small cocktail bar with close up magicians making their way around the tables.

They come from all around with a desire to meet The Oracle. After one drink, you see things as you wish they were. Another drop, you see things as they are not. Finally, you see things as they truly are. The guests who arrive in search of truth must first be deceived.

We were put in touch by Mat Parrott, a mutual friend who we featured on The Booze at Ten earlier in the lockdown. Check out our chat with him here.

Finding The Oracle Online

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