Apologies for being a day late guys – our wedding went great and we ended up spending a full day at the theme park on Monday – I won’t bore you with the details but you can find the story over on my WIFE’s blog (that feels weird to say…) MommaBoss. So lets get down to the competitors in our competition, but first, how to vote for your favourite!

Any routines you enjoy, open the video in YouTube (there’s a button on the bottom left of the player if you’re reading this on a computer) and hit the thumbs up ‘Like’ button. Want to give them a couple of votes? Leave a comment too. Whoever has the most likes and comments by Sunday May 1st will be the winner, and will be announced when the Central Flair Series returns.

Kristof Vandenabeele

Marcus Fernandez

Chris Tzimikos

Tomáš Bielčík

Akim Dagdzhyiev


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