So here it is, the first New BartenderHQ Podcast!

Bar Industry News Headlines

The Main Event: The New Look BartenderHQ Podcast

The All NEW BartenderHQ Podcast – Why we’re going back to audio only podcasting, and a little more about our new format.

As a result you’ll be seeing more short videos and flair tutorials on the Youtube channel. On the podcasts we’re getting back to our roots and focusing on the news and discussion, so please help us out by telling us what you want to know more about.

Drink of the Week

Each week we’ll be featuring a different drink from the website that week, this week it’s the Tommy’s Margarita – check out the recipe on BartenderHQ here.

Tommy's Margarita Cocktail

Quick Tips

Every week we’ll be giving you an actionable point that you can put to work in your bar right away to improve service, get further in your career and more. This week we’re talking about creating personal connections with your guests through drinks recommendations.

Get Involved in the BartenderHQ Podcast

This podcast is nothing without you, so please get involved. If you have one question about bars, drinks, spirits or cocktails, please tweet us @BartenderHQ and we’ll make sure its addressed in an upcoming show.

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