Muddled drinks release the flavours from ingredients that many other preparation styles would not be able to access. Freshly squeezed juice doesn’t get much fresher than when its extracted from the fruit right there in front of you, inside the glass you’ll be drinking from.
Muddling can be used with citrus fruits, berries, cucumber, chilli, almost any fleshy fruit or vegetable, and possibly even more – the only real limit is your imagination.


  • Muddler
  • Service Glass
  • Drinks Napkins


  1. Add ingredients to be muddled to the service glass.
  2. Holding the muddler in your dominant hand, place it inside the service glass.
  3. With your off hand, hold a beverage napkin around the top of the glass and the muddler to avoid juice squirting over yourself or your customers.
  4. Press down on the ingredients with the muddler and twist it as you press, allowing any sugar to grind against the fruits and other ingredients
  5. Continue muddling until any sugar granules are dissolved.
  6. Add additional ingredients and churn the drink if the recipe demands it.

Additional Information:

I personally use a wooden rolling pin as a muddler, I like the wide base and the length is very visual if you choose to flair with your equipment. Muddlers come in all shapes and sizes, and in materials from stainless steel to granite, and from plastic to hardwoods. Your ideal muddler is quite a personal choice, so try a few!

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