The Long Island Iced Tea (or LIIT for short) is one of the new classics that every bartender knows (or should…) there are many versions of the basic recipe and a huge number of drinks based on it. Some of these have very little relation as far as taste goes, but have a clear link in terms of the structure of the drink.

Ask a bartender where it was created and every one will give you a different account – but the idea of the drink at least is that in the prohibition, drinkers would disguise whatever bootleg booze they could get hold of as iced tea to avoid arrest. Our modern version combines 5 white spirits, and looks just like a glass of iced tea!


Collins Glass

Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients:


Shake with Ice and strain over fresh ice in the collins glass. Top with the cola & garnish with a lemon wedge and serve with a soda straw.

Additional Information

TGI Friday’s (who claim in their menu to have invented the drink) don’t include tequila in their version of this drink, sticking to just the four spirits. If you’d like a Long Island Iced Tea at Friday’s with tequila, order a Texas Tea and they’ll switch out the gin for you.

The Long Island Iced Tea is associated with the Prohibition era, and is intended to represent the drinks of the time, when it is said that whatever alcohol was available (often bathtub gin and moonshine) which tasted pretty terrible was disguised as Iced Tea and flavoured with Citrus Juice. The accuracy of this can’t be verified, but its a great story! What is your favourite variation of the Long Island Iced Tea?

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