We’re in conversation with Jumbles St Pierre in this week’s podcast talking FLAIR CAMP! In 2020 Flair Camp is expanding from its one week into a full on world tour with different legendary instructors at each location.

Who are you?

So my name is Jumbles and yes that is my real name. 

I have been Teaching at Flair Camp since 2016 but I have been turning up uninvited since the first year way back in 2012. Since then, the last week of September has been my favourite week of the year. Every year.

What is Flair Camp?

The four founders Tom, Pedro, Tomek + Marek combine for 7 Roadhouse World Championships and over 250 1st place trophies in competitions world-wide, stretched over almost 2 decades.  The incredible talent, knowledge and experience of the four founders create a core so passionate it’s contagious.  Each of them has left their own unique mark on the landscape of Flair Bartending and each has their own unique way of Teaching. 

Flair Camp has grown every single year since its inception. Led by the core team and incredible guest teachers PLUS the amalgamation of 50+ Bartenders at each camp, creates an energy so special it’s hard to describe. 

Left to right, Marek, Jumbles, Tom, Tomek & Pedro flair camp 2019
Left to right, Marek, Jumbles, Tom, Tomek & Pedro flair camp 2019

So do you just teach Bartending tricks?

No, the week long event in the end of September is not just about learning new tricks. You will be exposed to all aspects of Bartending through our diverse training sessions. Mixology, Bartending Shows, Cocktails, ingredients, Free Pouring Skills, Music Interaction through Choreography and Freestyle, Liquid Manipulation, Shaker Skills, Craft and Exhibition Tricks and Style (to name a few!).

We teach in groups that cover ALL levels, from a complete beginner, to a competing pro. The students themselves are a blend of experience, by sharing ideas they also develop together through synergy.  

More students continue to experience the best week of the year and we couldn’t be happier.

Jumbles going through pouring, drink making and speed of service
Jumbles going through pouring, drink making and speed of service

Why are you going on the Flair Camp World Tour?

The idea of Flair Camp going on a World Tour has been in our minds for a few years already. We know the salary of the Bartender isn’t the highest, and we know how impossible it must be for some people to come to us. So we decided to go to the people.

Flair camp 2015 when it used to be in Portugal
Flair camp 2014 when it used to be in Portugal 

What exactly is the Flair Camp World Tour?

The World Tour will offer bartenders spread across all corners of the globe the chance to experience a taste of the Flair Camp week. The tour has a mix of 1/2 day master classes and you can see all the live dates, locations and teachers right here www.flaircamp.com/world-tour . If you didn’t see your country on the list, leave a comment and if there are enough comments we can come to you too!

I will teach alongside a Legend of the Bartending Industry residing in each country we visit. Yes, I know how lucky I am. The idea is a few years old, so the excitement has been building up inside me for a while. And what an epic start to the World Tour, in London with my big brother Tommy D.

Jumbles & Tom showing how to balance glassware on your chin
Jumbles & Tom showing how to balance glassware on your chin

I love teaching with Tom because he has the same passion in teach Flair Bartending the right way.  We teach skills that any Bartender would dream to have and it all starts with the fundamentals of Bartending.  That philosophy transcends through all our teachers classes and the curriculum we teach and we are proud to teach at such a high standard.

What makes Flair so special is sharing. The World Tour opens up Flair Camp to work along side absolute legends that we haven’t had the pleasure to work with yet. Plus the opportunity to share information,experiences, techniques, methods as well as funny stories, friends and contacts by networking through old and new friendships.

I can’t wait to start teaching my classes and be surrounded by the good energy that flair brings.  We have assembled an all star cast for this tour and it can’t be missed! There are limited spaces so book now at www.flaircamp.com/world-tour

See you somewhere!

The Flair Camp World Tour Logo
The Flair Camp World Tour Logo

What is Included?:

10% Discount off the Main Flair Camp Week 2020

If you book one of the World Tour dates you will recieve a 10% discount from the main week of Flair Camp, the last week of September 2020. (*Discount offer does not stack by booking multiple classes. Only 1 discount per person)

Equipment Pack courtesy of Beaumont Tm

The World Tour is proudly sponsored by Beaumont Tm. Each student will receive a goody bag with equipment related to your lessons.

Practical training

Each Tour date will include a minimum of 4 hours practical training per day. The curriculum will fluctuate with each Teacher and will can cover any aspect of Bartending from culinary cocktails to craft flair.

Flair Camp Presentation

We will also give a short presentation to answer any questions you have about Flair Camp main week 2020 as well as a educational, brief history of Flair Bartending from Jumbles.

Evening Activity with your Guru’s

After a full day of training there will be an evening activity where you will get to hang out with your teachers and enjoy some drinks and conversation together.

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