While the bars are closed many bartenders are trying to grow their brands and you can easily get started with just your iPhone, android or whatever you have to hand. Here we’ll show you the basics of lighting, using the right camera and how to just get started with iPhone Video.

Key points on iPhone Video (or any smartphone)

Always shoot for the platform you’re using.

This used to be a simple case of “always shoot in landscape” but now, there are multiple vertical format video sites and use cases like Instagram Stories, TikTok, Snapchat and more. Facebook will also tolerate vertical video, but its still well split between phone and desktop users right now.

Use the right camera on your phone.

The best quality camera on almost any phone is the one that’s on the opposite side to the screen. If you can possibly use this, your videos will look better, and you’ll be less likely to be looking at the screen rather than the camera too. When you’re not looking directly at the camera it can appear that you’re distracted, even though you’re just checking focus and framing.

More light is better for phone cameras.

Phone cameras are getting better in low light every year, but the physics still comes town to having a small camera not being able to take in as much light as a larger lens. This means iPhone video and android phone video can often have noise that shows up and looks even worse once compressed for online video sites.

A cheap tripod goes a long way.

Picking up a mini tripod from a pound/dollar store or on eBay will give you much more flexibility in where you can shoot – and also add some stability for handheld shots with your phone.

Make sure your lens is clean.

Because your phone lives most of its life in your pocket, the lens can often get greasy from fingerprints or covered in lint. A quick wipe over will sharpen up your video image in many cases.

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