On the 30th Anniversary of the release of Cocktail we’re incredibly proud to present our interview with JB Bandy, the man who trained Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown to flair bartend for the movie. Without JB Bandy, flair bartending may never have gained the popularity it has today.

JB Bandy Worked the Same Bar as Me!

In this interview we discuss how he originally got involved with the Cocktail movie, some of his experiences and where his secret cameo in the film can be found. Yes, he’s actually in Cocktail! It also turns out JB Bandy and I have worked behind the very same bar, TGI Fridays in Birmingham, the first to open in the UK.

So pour yourself a Daiquiri, sit back and enjoy this chat with a true legend of the bar industry! Happy Birthday Cocktail!

Cocktail Birthday

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