Making your wine yourself is a fascinating business. You’ll be amazed that it’s a lot easier than you think. First of all, you will learn here which equipment you need to make your wine. We give you step-by-step instructions to help you make your wine using an instant pot.

1: Gather Your Ingredients

You’ll need an instant pot with the “yogurt” function for this purpose. You can check Corrie Cooks instant pot recipes for inspiration on what to cook with your pot. The good thing is that most instant pots you’ll find have this function except the Lux brand. So avoid it when purchasing your instant pot.  

For the ingredients, you’ll need grape juice, granulated sugar, and a packet of wine yeast. Don’t make the mistake of using your ordinary yeast. This will produce an alcoholic taste in your wine which I’m sure you don’t want.

Other essential items you’ll need are a funnel and a bleach solution (over 1000 ppm) to sanitize your equipment.

2: Sterilize The Instant Pot

Before you begin your wine-making process, it’s important to sterilize the instant pot. You’ll need a disinfectant without a rinse and a chemical cleaner designed for infusion equipment. Ensure you rinse your equipment well with plenty of water, sanitize and dry them properly before use.

3: Prepare For Fermentation

Open the bottle, then pour about two cups of juice and put it aside. Use a funnel to add sugar to the bottle and screw the cap back tightly. Shake it for at least two minutes to ensure the sugar fully dissolves. Open the yeast sachet and add one and a half tablespoons to the bottle. Close the cap and shake it gently.

Pour the contents of the bottle into the instant pot. Add the grape juice you had put aside to the pot and stir gently.

4: Start Brewing Your Wine.

Cover the instant pot with a lid and ensure you lock it tightly. Set the steam release “vent,” then press the “yogurt” button until it’s set to Minus. Let it run for six hours.

After six hours, place the sealing valve in the “seal” position and leave it for six more hours. This gives time for the yeast to be more activated. Afterward, open the valve again to the “vent” position for six hours, then return it to “seal” and let it stay for another six hours. You must follow this opening and closing trend for your wine to be evenly brewed.

5: Opening The Pot

After these steps, your wine is almost ready. Turn the instant pot off and open it. Transfer the wine into a big pitcher, or you can use the grape juice bottle. Before using the pitcher or bottle, ensure you sterilize, rinse and dry them well. 

You must feel accomplished after this final step; however, don’t drink the wine yet because it’s partly fermented and may not be sweet. Cover your wine containers using a cheesecloth, then place a plastic wrap over them.

This gives room for the yeast to release the remaining CO2. Store your wine at room temperature in a dark place and wait for about ten days. The wine will now be ready, and you can then enjoy the wine with your friends.

Summing Up

Preparing wine in an instant pot is a fun project. All you need is an instant pot and the necessary ingredients and you’re good to do! So have you ever tried this process? How did the wine turn out, and did it taste like wine at all? Please share with us in the comment section.

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