When patrons visit their local hangout, they’re looking to escape from the stress of the day. One of the best experiences to share with friends, colleagues, or dates would be going to the bar.

A bar that’d allow the customers to forget about everything troubling them would naturally attract clientele. The atmosphere, seating, menu, and entertainment value would play an essential role in creating this feeling for them.

Bars that have been open for some time may become complacent and notice that customers seek a new experience. So, here are a few tips for how to create a bespoke bar experience for your customers:

Spread The Word

Customers are constantly scouring social media for new venues to visit. Browsing these sites means that the bar should be known on social platforms to become aware.

Posting adverts on social media groups wouldn’t be enough. Pictures, videos, and exciting information about the bar would attract more attention. People love to see others enjoying themselves and want a similar experience.

A beautiful presentation of a skillfully put-together website would also allow the clients to preview what they could expect. One fine example of these bespoke websites would be https://36belowaz.com/.

Add Unique Features

Choosing a theme for the bar could be a tough choice, as long as you have one. A specific concept and coordinating everything around it could make for a pretty niche market.

The name, décor elements, menu, and offerings should fit together by complementing the theme. Create new drinks for customers to share or find live entertainment to make a good vibe. Using special lighting, multimedia screens, and mood-setting music could set the stage for a perfect night out.

Mornings after a good party have always been rough. Instead of only having the bar open for nighttime excursions, bars could offer hangover remedies too. Opening in the mornings to serve their hungover clients some breakfast could ensure that business is booming all day.

Clients are drawn to the promise of learning or experiencing something new. While having a solid concept, the execution thereof should align with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

3D rendering of a luxury night lounge bar in a purple light

Think With Your Senses

An experience is something that we take in with our senses. We need to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the surroundings to take them in thoroughly. When thinking of a bespoke bar, you’ll find some fond memories.

Comfortable seating, lower light levels, atmosphere, delicious food and drink, and the smell of excitement in the air could make for an incredible experience. When designing the layout, have these in mind, the space’s flow into the next, accessibility, and curbside appeal.

The outside of the venue could be used as an advertisement, drawing attention to the bar. Clients seeing the enticing façade would more likely go into the bar out of curiosity. Once inside, the sensory experience could convert the walk-ins to loyal customers.

Look Out For Trends

Scoping out the competition may give some advantage locally, but customers that have access to international content may expect more.

Follow social trends from around the world to find inspiration. Many sites, pages, or blogs would have enough content to spur the imagination. Before the bar down the road brings the trend into town, grab it and make it your own.

Trends could quickly catch on, and for this reason, bar owners should continuously keep their bars distinctive, a cut above the rest.

Tell A Story

Adding emotion to any situation makes it more memorable for those who experience it. People tend to connect with a concept better when they feel emotionally invested.

Websites are great platforms to share stories about the bar with customers. Heartfelt start-up stories may tug at the strings of the customers’ hearts, making them want to find out more. There could be a separate section for sharing other accounts on the website such as customer feedback.

Patrons that enjoyed the experience would give other clients the best description and motivation to visit the bar. Having a section on the website where reviews could be left could tell a whole different story, one of joy and happiness shared by friends.


There are many facets to creating a pleasurable experience for patrons at a bar. Appealing to their senses and making them feel part of the story, customers become more than just paying patrons. They’re now involved in an all-engulfing, sensational outing that may stay with them for some time to come.

Clients are more likely to recommend their experiences to others when they believe it has been the best they’ve ever had. Soon, more people would be lining up around the block to have a bespoke experience.

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