Bartending in a gentleman’s club is an enjoyable job that pays well. It’s a career fit for skilled and experienced bartenders. Every day is unique and different in a club; thus, bartenders must have the necessary skill set to do well at their job.

An excellent bartender knows a lot about cocktails, multitasking, organization, and how to keep it cool in stressful situations. They also keep honing their skill and understand the need to be updated on trends and changes in the bar and restaurant industry.

So, how do you become a bartender in a gentleman’s club? What actions should you take to gain experience bartending in well-known clubs such as the Voodoo Lounge and many others? Here are tips you may consider to make this happen:

1. Don’t Take Bar Training Lightly

You’ll likely go through training before you get officially hired at a gentleman’s club. This will include understanding how the restaurant operates and learning about the drinks, wines, and other beverages that you’ll be pouring.

Don’t think of training as something you have to do. Consider it a useful experience that will help you hone your bartending skills.

2. Learn How To Pour Like A Professional Bartender

As a beginner bartender, you should practice pouring beverages and mixed drinks. You may start by practicing with a cocktail measuring cup known as a jigger to ensure that the proportions of your cocktails are uniform and precise.

You may also practice free pouring. It’s the technique of pouring liquor and mixers into a glass, cocktail shaker, or stirring device without measuring them first. When free pouring, bartenders will mentally count seconds to determine the amount of liquor they’re pouring.

Because alcohol is pricey, you may practice free pouring and measuring using water instead. The best approach to simulate mixing a drink is to add water to an empty liquor bottle and use the speed pourer.

Expert barman is making cocktail at night club or bar. Glass of fiery cocktail on the bar counter against the background of bartenders hands with fire. Barman day concept

3. Read Cocktail And Bar-Related Literature

Consider reading books about alcohol, ranging from drink recipes and history to literature on whiskey or winemaking. After all, reading is an essential part of trying to master something like bartending.

The best way to learn about bartending and liquor is to conduct your own study. You may find instructional or historical books. Examples of instructional texts include cocktail recipe books or publications devoted to wine varietals and winemaking techniques and methods. Meanwhile, historical books will provide bartenders with a larger perspective and may be a terrific resource for feeling more interested and engaged in your profession.

4. Attend Seminars And Wine Tasting

Join tastings, seminars, or lessons regarding bartending and beverages near you. If you live in or near a city, look for events that feature experienced speakers.

Alcohol manufacturers and distributors frequently conduct product tastings in pubs and restaurants. They do this so people will learn about their drinks and how to speak eloquently about them.

After all, such gatherings will be an excellent opportunity to network with experts in the beverages industry.

5. Have A Passion For Bartending

Although having a diverse skill set makes you more employable as a bartender, it’s also vital to specialize in one aspect of bartending that you love.

Practicing your mixology techniques is a terrific idea if you like mixing unique drinks. If you enjoy whiskey, learning about the many varieties and the history of whiskey will be beneficial to honing your skills.

Pursuing these interests will bring you down a route that might lead to new opportunities, expand your industry network, etc.

6. Obtain Work Experience In Pubs And Restaurants

Understanding how the industry operates is crucial to becoming a successful bartender. By working as a server or barback, you could have more knowledge of the needs of restaurants and clubs.

While you’re gaining experience, you should be able to readily pick up shifts to cover for coworkers and get the experience you need in various tasks. Alternatively, you may ask your boss to teach you how to serve the right way or shadow one of the servers when they’re not around.

7. Strive To Constantly Appear Presentable

It’s critical to know that most gentleman’s club workers are physically attractive. Take a peek around your local clubs; everyone, from the bouncers to the waiters, is good-looking, fit, and sometimes tanned.

Before applying for and being recruited to work, examine if your outward beauty would suit the ambiance of the bar. If you’re applying for the job in person, remember to dress appropriately and look neat and attractive.

Bottom Line

The path to becoming a bartender isn’t a simple one. You must be humble when initially starting. Starting as a barback and acquiring knowledge from a professional are the necessary steps to becoming a bartender, especially if you have no prior experience. Through effort and dedication, you’ll see your dreams come true sooner.

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