Taking Cocktail Photos without a Pro Camera

Social media is a great way to get attention for your bar or personal brand and having great images is a must, so here are my top 5 tips on getting great cocktail photos. The images below are all taken by myself using an iPhone 7plus – nothing more advanced than the camera that’s in your pocket all day long.

1: Light Light LightLights for Cocktail Photos

The main difference between a pro camera and a smartphone other than the attachment lens options is the physical size of the sensor that light needs to hit in order to create the image, so to give your cocktail pictures the best chance, get as much quality light on them as possible. Daylight is great and different times of day can give different effects, but if you need to shoot indoors grab some lights (white if possible), you can always bring the brightness down after you shoot.

a-la-peche-cocktail-photos2: Pick your location

Make sure what’s in the background of your image is what you want to end up in your image. If you’re at work, avoid rubbish bins (trash cans), cash registers etc. Multiple textures will always add interest and context to the image, or if you want just the focus on the drink, try using cloths in different colours to remove distractions.

3: Props

Take a look at what’s in your drink and what emotions you’re looking to provoke and find props to match – for example, with the autumn (fall) drinks I bought the relevant fruits, gathered fallen leaves and spices to arrange around the drinks, giving them context.


4: Spend time on Garnisheskaffir-lime-leaf-cocktail-photos

Don’t skimp on the garnish, make sure if you’re using citrus slices or wedges that you take a couple of moments to remove seeds and cut fresh. Spend those few extra minutes to make sure the drink looks amazing.

5: Include brands for more shares

Including bottles in your images will give the brands a reason to re-share your cocktail photos, article or website, so why not encourage them to help you reach a bigger following‽

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