Choosing Flair Bartending Music can be key to not only the pace of your routine and its content but also to how your audience will react to your show. There are many factors to take into account, so lets take a look.

What is the audience?

Are you looking to create a routine for performances in person behind your own bar, for a flair competition on stage or for an online video?

Behind Your Bar

If you’re creating a flair show to perform often behind your bar, choose music which suits your venue, as you may not want the track to stick out from the DJ’s normal selections. On the other hand, if you want the most possible attention, a slightly jarring choice might make the guests wonder what’s going on and why the music has changed, creating some intrigue about what’s going on and bringing you a larger audience. Depending on how confident you are in your routine, this could be great for drawing attention to the bar if that’s your aim.

Live Flair Competition

If you’re creating for a competition where you’ll be performing for judges and an audience, try to use a well known song that can get the audience singing along, clapping, anything that will make them  engage with your performance.

Audience reaction is often scored in competitions, and even when its not, the judges will have a hard time scoring you low when the audience are cheering you on and enjoying your performance. Enthusiasm is infectious, so do everything you can to make sure you have the audience on your side right from the start of your show.

Make sure that within your chosen track there are landmark points – clear markers within the music so you know how much time you have left as there’s nothing worse than a great routine followed by a last 10 seconds scramble to complete a drink as the time runs out.

Online Flair Video

For online use, you may choose to use make use of royalty free music, specifically if you’re looking to monetise the video with advertising. If you use copyrighted music tracks in your videos you risk copyright claims against you or your videos being blocked in certain locations or not being playable on mobile devices for example, which is a huge amount of the screens that people use today. Most websites will see over half of their traffic from mobile devices, with less than half of web access coming from laptop or desktops now.

What tempo is best?

The tempo of your music is a very personal choice and will depend on the style of your bartending. Its best to try a variety of different tracks while you’re deciding while you practice your flair so that you can see what works well for you.

The music styles that are popular in flair are just as fleeting as the trends in music in general, with rock being popular a while back, and electronic dance music and dubstep being popular right now. Dubstep has some really interesting beat combinations which work well in flair bartending especially for complex tap sequences and the like.

Syncing specific moves to the beat of the music track, especially where there are breaks in the music tracks to land stalls really makes your performance seem more choreographed and intentional. Sometimes there seems to be no link between the bartender and the music they’re flairing too, as if they randomly choose the track simply because they liked it, rather than because it worked well with their performance.

Where to find your flair bartending music?

You may already have a track in mind that you’d like to flair to, but if you’re wanting to try out various options, a free trial on Amazon Prime Music is a great way to expose yourself to a huge library of music that you can try out without committing to any one track.

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