Christian Delpech is without a doubt one of the most influential flair bartenders of the past 20 years. Born in Argentina and now a resident of Las Vegas Nevada, few flair bartenders have come close to the sheer number of world championships that Chris Delpech has accomplished.

Christian’s incredibly smooth flowing style of flair has kept it relevant even today – his routines from many years ago stand up even in today’s world of 5 tin one bottle technical moves and are still wonderfully entertaining to watch because they’re so precise.

Christian was one of the true superstars of flair bartending in its golden age along with his brother Rodrigo Delpech (who, as a tandem partnership created one of the all time great routines at King of the Ring 2). So sit back and relax with this interview with Christian Delpech filmed in Covent Garden, right outside the Roadhouse, and follow it up with Christian’s Nations routine from 2007 – almost a decade ago and still just as entertaining!

Christian Delpech Interview

Christian Delpech Nations 2007

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