In this show we take a very high level overview of my editing and filming process for BartenderHQ content. I touch on a number of editing options from free to professional along with what they can do.

Luma Fusion

If you want to do everything from filming to edit and upload just on your phone, Luma Fusion is the best there is. Its a one off very reasonable app purchase, which you can use across multiple devices.


Free on iOS as well as any Mac, iMovie is a great starting point for anyone needing to do the basics like adding titles and music to videos. Its limited in that it only supports a small number of layers, but for basic editing its absolutely adequate.

Final Cut Pro X

As far as I can tell Final Cut Pro uses the same underlaying engine as iMovie but with all the more advanced features you’d need, no practical limits to numbers of streams other than what your hardware can support etc. Final Cut integrates with Apple Motion for animated motion graphics or creating custom title animations too. The learning curve is much steeper than iMovie but that is because of the scope of control that it gives you.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve by Black Magic is a fully featured cross platform edit suite that can do everything from the timeline through colour grading, motion graphics and more. It runs just as well on Linux as Mac or PC so if you’re after something with power and flexibility, its well worth a look.

Adobe Premiere

As with many of the Adobe suite of products, Premiere has a solid base of fans, and it integrates well with After Effects. This allows Premiere to create motion effects and compositing easily. Again, this works across Windows and Mac systems, so you’re not limited to a single hardware platform. It is a solid choice, but again with a learning curve.

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