Here’s the technical bits for how to Dropbox your Online Flair Competition entry to us here at BartenderHQ!

Instructions for Dropbox Submission

  1. Shoot your video. Make sure its in landscape orientation (basically widescreen, not vertical).
  2. Make sure it plays properly. Watch it all the way through, make sure you’re happy with it, and that it doesn’t stop before the end of your routine. Remember, the time limit is 3 mins, you can be shorter than that but not longer.
  3. Transfer the video file to whatever device you’re planning to upload it from. Some smartphones will offer direct uploads to dropbox from the device, others and dedicated cameras may need to be transferred to a desktop or laptop.
  4. Sign up for Dropbox (if you already have an account you can skip to the next step) by clicking here: and then install the desktop app that they provide, its far easier than using the browser interface. If uploading directly from an iPhone or Android, install the Dropbox App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  5. On a desktop or laptop, copy your video file to the Dropbox folder and wait for it to Sync. On mobile, you’ll be able to share from your photos app to Dropbox to add the file to your cloud storage.
  6. Once the file is Synced, choose the ‘Share Link’ option and copy the link created.
  7. Create a new email to with the subject line ‘Competition Entry’ and paste in your shared link. Include in the email: Your Full Name, the Bar or Company you’re representing if any, Your City and Country of Residence and a profile picture of yourself that we can use in the video.
  8. Hit send and you’re done!

If for some reason you have any problems with this please message BartenderHQ on Facebook and we’ll be glad to guide you through the process and potential alternative methods of sending the files, though Dropbox is generally the fastest, easiest and most secure option.

Dropbox Shared Link
Here’s where you share the file link from Dropbox

What Happens to My Video Next?

We’ll take the video you send, add it to our editing queue and we’ll add the competition intro and graphics along with how to vote so that you get as many votes as possible. We’ll then upload it to YouTube on the BartenderHQ channel ready for the launch of voting on the competition where all entries will go live simultaneously so that everyone has an equal chance.

As soon as they go live its your job to share the video with as many people as possible and encourage them to hit like on YouTube and comment on the video (again, on YouTube, Facebook likes and comments will not count towards the totals!)

Good Luck!


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