As one of the most classic Rum cocktails, the Daiquiri has spawned more than it’s fair share of fairly unrecognisable spin off drinks, many of which retain the Daiquiri Moniker. These are generally over sweetened and have their roots in the less sophisticated days of the 80’s cocktails.

The classic Daiquiri is a fabulous drink when well balanced, and very much resembles many of the other classics in its simplicity.


Chilled Cocktail Glass or Rocks Glass filled with ice.



Shake with ice and strain

Additional Information:

While the Daiquiri is probably most consumed in its frozen strawberry variety (maybe I’ve just worked in the wrong places) it’s very possible to make great fresh fruit Daiquiris by muddling fruit in the shaker can before adding the liquids – experiment and see if these work well with a half oz of fruit liquor in place of the simple syrup and always be ready to add more lime or sugar if the drink needs it. Be sure to fine strain your Daiquiri if you’re muddling fruits to avoid pips in the teeth and weird mouth feels – but go crazy and try!

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