Hendricks Gin has become incredibly popular among bartenders and customers alike over the past few years with its unique approach to both Gin distilling and marketing.

Hendricks takes a light hearted look at the curiosity aesthetic from the 1800-1900s, the gin is infused with unexpected botanicals such as rose and cucumber in Scotland and is produced by Whiskey maker William Grant & Sons (who also happen to produce my Scotch of choice, Monkey Shoulder).

With its high ABV at 44% and its unusual flavour profile, Hendricks manages to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace of Gins.


Serve the Hendricks Cucumber Martini in a chilled cocktail glass

Hendricks Cucumber Martini Ingredients

How to mix a Hendricks Cucumber Martini

Muddle the diced cucumber in the base of the boston glass, add the liquor and shake with ice. Fine strain into the chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a cucumber wheel.

What’s your favourite Hendricks recipe?

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