BartenderHQ is delighted to announce the Central Flair Series!

Central Flair Series

The Central Flair Series is a monthly event that BartenderHQ is producing in association with the West Midlands Flair Club and Reflex Arcadian in Birmingham.

Running on the first Monday of each month starting from Monday 1st of February 2016 the CFS will be a little different from other flair competitions, aiming to be as welcoming as possible for new and experienced bartenders to attend and compete together as easily as possible. We’ll be including a Midlands Flair Bartender league running throughout the year, a novice subcategory to give new bartenders a chance to be a winner and an open competition for anyone to enter, all in the same competition format.

For full details, check out our event page on Facebook

You can also check out the Central Flair Series homepage for all the rules and schedules.

Changes at Roadhouse World Flair

Roadhouse in Covent Garden, London, easily the biggest flair competition in the UK has some big changes coming to the Roadhouse World Flair competition in 2016, with the WFA (World Flair Association) taking over the day to day running of the competition.

We’ll be keeping a close eye out for any rules changes that come from this but it can only be a good thing. The World Flair Association has been very active in helping to promote smaller flair competitions and pushing to educate bartenders with their coloured tin certification levels.

BartenderHQ and the CFS will do everything we can to support the goals of the WFA and encourage bartenders to compete at Roadhouse too, and we’re hoping to be down at several Roadhouse events in 2016!

Here’s Tom Dyer’s legendary farewell routine from the Roadhouse World Flair Final 2015, the Bottle and Tin is King routine that had everyone talking at the end of November this year!

January – Dryathlons and filling your time

Of course coming through December, we’re getting to the end of the busy period of the year and coming into the quietest month of the year.

If you’re looking for something to fill your time –

Non drinkers – have a great alcohol free menu for January!


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