Casa Agave Launches in the UK!

The team behind Nottingham’s 400 Rabbits bar has launched their latest venture, Casa Agave. Building on their passion for Mexican spirits, Casa Agave will work directly with Agave brands to import, distribute and promote their products in the UK market. Full press release from the team below.


Casa Agave Press Release

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of Casa Agave! The home of Tequila, Mezcal and all things agave in the UK!

As importers, distributors and promoters we aim to give a platform to some of Mexico’s wonderful smaller producers and increase variety and choice of top quality independently owned agave spirit brands in the UK market.

We are currently importing and working with fantastic artisanal Mezcal brands like La Medida, Animas, Koch and El Mero Mero and will be continually adding to our range of producers, trying to offer the best unique selection of agave spirits in the UK.Casa Agave

Because it can often be produced in less developed areas, we believe that the development of Mezcal internationally should have a positive impact for the people who produce it and their communities. For this reason, we personally select each Mezcal, trying to make sure that the brands we import are actively engaged in improving communities and the lives of the people who live there. We also try to ensure all the mezcals we import originate from small family run Palenque’s, giving them our support in their fabulous businesses.

Created by the team behind Nottingham Tequila and Mezcal bar 400 Rabbits, Casa Agave also aims to further promote the wonders of agave spirits to consumers and industry professionals around the country through training, education, pop ups and trying to increase consumer awareness and understanding of the category.

All our brands are available through our retail website ( to consumers and trade.

For more information about Casa Agave or any of our brands drop us an email at or call Jen on 07944766436

Salud! – Jen Foley & James Aspell, Directors, Casa Agave

We’d like to wish Jen and James all the best with the venture, and will be talking to them more about their range in the coming months.

Jen Foley James Aspel Casa Agave

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