Diageo is taking on Bacardi and Havana Club rums in the popular white rum category with its own offering, Captain Morgan’s White Rum. Building on their existing brands of Morgan’s Spiced and Captain Morgan’s Dark Rum, this new addition completes their lineup of rums and offers a new alternative for well rum.

The Competition for Captain Morgan White RumCaptain-Morgan-White-Rum

While Bacardi is still the market leader by a long shot, to the point at which many consumers don’t even think of it as a rum at all, Havana Club has carved out a good foothold in the unaged entry level rum segment and is often accompanied on menus by its 3 year and 7 year variants. Captain Morgan White Rum is barrel aged for one year to “soften” its flavour and it’s described as having a hint of fruit with a 40% ABV. It’s currently already available in Canada and due for a UK launch very soon.

Morgan’s spiced is still the best known of the spiced rums, however Bacardi’s Oakhart has also made gains in recent months and can be found on a lot of back bars today.

Early reviews over at Drinkhacker¬†describe Captain Morgan White as: “Five-times distilled (or so they say) in St. Croix, Captain Morgan White Rum is a perfectly well-made white rum, if a bit short of spectacular. The nose is harmless, with notes of lemon and chili pepper and with touches of rubber and fuel, both typical of younger white rums. The body features classic vanilla caramel notes along with brown sugar, and the finish is quite lemony, ending with a bit more of those fuel notes.”

It looks like Captain Morgan White Rum will be an inoffensive, fairly standard white rum, which is exactly what it needs to be. It needs to mix well with others without standing out, that’s the job of aged rums and others that ‘feature’ in drinks. As long as this is good in a Daiquiri, Mojito and other classics, everything is good. As soon as I can get my hands on some I’ll be sure to give you all the lowdown.

Have you already tried Captain Morgan White Rum? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of it! Will Captain Morgan White Rum be replacing Havana Club or Bacardi in your speed rail?

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