I love me some comic book TV and movie action, and I know you guys do too. So what better than talking about our favourite superheroes while sipping some great cocktails?

We’ve created Booze & Bazinga as a separate site from BartenderHQ as it gets all of our ramblings about trailers, movie reviews and all that good stuff too, but on the weekly(ish) video podcast we’ll be including a lot of talk about cocktails and making something excellent to drink while we chat.

Joining me on each week’s show is Samuel Boulton, an extremely knowledgeable bartender (who makes far better drinks than I do) and a man who makes it to more midnight launch screenings for movies than anyone else I know. He’ll be making cocktails with things even I’ve never heard of I’m sure.

So sit back, grab a cocktail and join us as we talk through the past years of Superhero movies and catch up ready for what we have to come!

Find Samuel online at http://LiquidThoughts.co.uk

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