I went on a short rant about what I think is one of the biggest problems in the industry right now, even though its not as bad as it has been in the past.

Some bartenders have such egos, that they won’t give guests the drinks they actually want.

I genuinely believe that the reason a lot of AMAZING bars fail is because their menu is more tailored to winning awards and impressing other bartenders than they are to providing an experience that their guests care about.

It is not for the bartender to decide what drinks are good or bad, that’s a completely subjective topic. The guest who is buying and drinking the drink gets to decide if a drink is good or not. Not the bartender.

Now, of course, we have years of tasting more drinks, developing our tastes behind us, but our guests do not. Fernet Branca, while it may be your favourite flavour in the world is not a favourite yet of a typical consumer, and they may not want to put in the work to enjoy it.

So when your guest asks for a drink they like, don’t judge them. When you’re writing menus, consider what they want, not what you want to show off.

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