Your daily update on what’s happening within the UK’s bar world as we get through the Corona Crisis.

Government Update

At the time of recording, there is still government advice in place to avoid pubs, bars, restaurants and theatres but no formal order to close. This has made it very difficult for many to decide on the right course of action. Closing without a mandate may make insurance claims for interruption to business difficult, and staying open means paying staff who may not be serving anyone.

Restaurant and Bar Closures Accelerate

Multiple large operators have announced their closure for the foreseeable future including TGI Friday’s, London Cocktail Club, The Botanist and more. We expect this list to grow day by day.

LWC Begins Direct to Consumer Deliveries

Among others, LWC has pivoted their business to deliver direct to consumers as well as continuing to support the on-trade customers who are still trading. They’re utilising their existing network to deliver to your door. Check it out here:

Wider Industry Support

Multiple distilleries are now producing alcohol to be used in sanitisers and hand gels to support the healthcare effort across the country. Its great to see the way the industry is stepping up to support this.

Quarantini Challenge

To help engage bartenders across the country and hopefully raise morale, we’re launching the Quarantini Challenge – Making a straight up cocktail using what you can find around the house. Think of it as cupboard foraging! We’re aiming to help raise awareness and money for WeAreTipJar too!

Finding Temporary Work for Hospitality Workers

For bartenders and other hospitality staff who have already been displaced, there appear to be a number of roles currently recruiting, primarily in Retail, delivery and cleaning right now.

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