On this week’s show we reached out to the Worldwide Bartender Community and Happy Bartenders Thrive on Facebook to get some questions to answer for you!

Ford from the Worldwide Bartender Community asks:

“Advice for Bar Managers please”

Decide if you’re on Defence or Offence from day one.

Playing Defence as a Bar manager

  • Careful margin management
  • Concern about theft
  • Micromanaging bar team

On the Offence

  • Maximising sales
  • Hiring fast, firing fast
  • Training your team so you can trust and empower them
  • Focusing on guest experience & reputation
  • Using your network (and building it) – No different to any other business

Lilly from Happy Bartenders Thrive asks:

“Can you give advice on staying in the game and keeping energy levels up during bar shifts?”

  • Self care – fitness, wellness
  • Loving what you do – Owning your relationship with guests

Ehren from Happy Bartenders Thrive asks:

“Thoughts on poaching bartenders from other bars?”

  • Why don’t the bartenders want to stay where they are?
  • If the bar is paying their bartenders what they’re worth and taking care of them, they won’t risk going
  • If you’ve not earned the loyalty of the bartenders, you don’t deserve to keep them. Good bars will welcome great staff moving on to better roles as it reflects well on them.  

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