On this week’s BartenderHQ Podcast:

Mixology Talk Podcast

Gave out their “5 More things your bartender wishes you knew” on their latest show (check them out) and we add another into the mix, a way to train your guests to save you time!

How competition between bartenders drives standards.

Having internal or company wide bartending competition and shows improves many aspects including staff retention through their feeling of value, ensuring they know recipes, pour accuracy, service and much more.

Christmas drinks and drink menus

How to create them and the merits of bespoke menus vs modified drinks.

Drink of the week: Spiced Sangria

A great alternative to mulled wine with a christmassy edge –

  • ½oz (15ml) Brandy
  • ½oz (15ml) Cherry Brandy or Cherry Heering
  • 2oz (60ml) Pinot Noir Red Wine
  • 2oz (60ml) Mandarin or good quality orange juice
  • ½oz (15ml) Spiced Syrup
  • ½oz (15ml) Fresh Lime Juice

Tips for Tips

Knowing your local area and becoming a concierge service for your guests.

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