Bartender face masks are going to be vital for keeping our industry moving. It’s important that you’re keeping yourself and your guests safe, both inside and outside of the bar. You know why? Because if the virus infections increase again, bars will be one of the first businesses that will be mandated to close.

That is why it’s vital that we all do everything we can to make sure that we’re keeping everything as safe as we can. Making sure that your bar’s hygiene practices are impeccable and wearing a face covering while you’re behind the bar are important to doing your part.

BartenderHQ Face Masks

We’ve used TeeSpring to print our bartender face masks on demand, so while there may be a short wait for your product (shipping estimates will vary based on location) you know its not been sitting around gathering dust, or worse.

Our three designs currently are Flair, Cocktail Coupe and Cocktail Houndstooth. Flair and Houndstooth come in multiple colour options with a white design, while our classic Coupe is available exclusively in White on Black.

Literally as I’m writing this, Boris Johnson and the UK government has just announced that face coverings are to be mandatory in UK shops, so now is the time to grab yours!

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