Having just watched the latest Bar Rescue show, I have to say I’m completely shocked at the owner’s behaviour.

Okay, so generally that’s not saying much, but in this particular episode, Jon and his team are returning to re-rescue (yes, its a thing, and yes, it’s been made up for the show) Second Base, the bar formerly known as Extremes, the bikini sports bar from an earlier series.

The show opens with Jon in the SUV with the owner, Terry, watching his manager who looks to be demotivated and lazy, sitting in the back of the once again filthy bar. I was immediately thinking that this guy needs firing, he’s been given an awesome concept (Second Base was given its makeover before, with the staff given cute but uniform striped bikinis to wear with a baseball theme) however, once they get inside it turns out its basically all on the owner’s complete lack of interest in the business and unwillingness to spend a penny maintaining or investing in the future of the bar.


Of course there are the usual issues of the bar not being cleaned properly, lack of motivation and the drinks from the previous rescue being forgotten by the staff, along with a chef who decided against keeping Taffer’s Bar Rescue menu. It seems that this is all because the owner didn’t support his team and they saw little point in having clean lights if they’d still be serving warm beer, thanks to the broken chillers. The owner Terry is hostile to Jon Taffer right from the outset, seemingly surprised that he’s unhappy with the way the bar he already rescued once had been neglected, which seems ridiculous as he called Bar Rescue back!

When Jon Taffer’s bar trainer (a TGI Friday’s master trainer) is working with the bartenders to get the bar cleaned, she’s told to go and sit down, as Terry’s team doesn’t need her help! How she managed not to hit the guy is still beyond me.

Having watched a lot of Bar Rescue over the past few weeks, I never get over how hostile the failing owners are to help. Perhaps they don’t realise what a mess they’re in. I see why some people think Jon Taffer is hard to stomach, he doesn’t pull any punches and tells it as it is, there is zero sugar coating of his opinion. Watching more though, you really appreciate the guy’s knowledge, which I don’t think can be denied. His track record with the bars he’s rescued speaks for itself, with over 90% still in business following the rescue, with Moon Runners now franchising too.

Finally Jon Taffer has enough, and not trusting the owner not to simply be tapping him for another refurbishment, draws a line and says he wants the owner to put up $30k to Jon’s $100k for the refit, which he refuses, causing Jon Taffer’s team to leave without rescuing the bar for only the second time in the history of Bar Rescue.

It’s always disappointing for the show when this happens as one of the best parts of the show each week is seeing the new look for the bars – so when there’s no makeover its a bit of an anticlimax, but it does show that there is real risk in the game!

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