How to avoid hangovers is the holy grail for drinkers and bartenders everywhere, especially when drinking on a school night. Here are the best ways to avoid, or at least make them survivable according to science. This video is from the awesome Youtube channel Authority Nutrition which is pretty amazing and completely free from bro-science.

1: Avoid alcohol with high levels of congeners.

Dark spirits like whiskey and cognac contain congeners which are the toxic by products of producing ethanol. These include methanol, isopropyl and acetone. White spirits and those that are highly rectified contain lower amounts of congeners.

2: Avoid Hangovers by drinking plenty of water.

Alcohol is a diuretic so it makes you pee more. Many of the worst parts of being hungover is also a direct symptom of dehydration. Headaches, dry mouth and lethargy. Have a drink of water with each alcoholic drink is a good way to avoid the dehydration symptoms. Also drink a pint or so of water before bed, if you remember by that point.

3: Having a drink the morning after (the hair of the dog).

Methanol (a congener, see point one) breaks down to formaldehyde, and ethanol (the ‘good’ alcohol that distillers are looking for) is known to assist in metabolising this.

4: Prickly Pear supplements.

An extract of prickly pear has been shown to reduce the effects of a hangover by up to 62% – more research is needed but this is certainly promising!

5: Drink less or not at all.

It’s far better to drink in moderation if you do drink. So trade up and drink better rather than more. Of course, not drinking is the best way to avoid a hangover all together, but where’s the fun in that! If you have any other tips to avoid hangovers, why not tweet us @BartenderHQ

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