There are many ways to apply for bartending jobs, but if you’re looking to work in another country or even a new city,   you probably won’t be applying in person, at least initially. Over the past few years it has become far more common for job opportunities to be posted on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms – so how do you apply for these jobs effectively?

Read the Ad and Follow the Instructions.

I simply can’t believe how many people fail at this first hurdle. Why do you think that a potential employer will want you to work with them when you can’t follow very simple instructions?

If a job advert gives you some information on the job and then says for example: “Interested applicants please forward detailed RESUME with a recent photo in MS WORD format to: k******@u*******”, what is the correct response?

Well, if you need more information, you can certainly request that in the post’s comments, but be specific. Don’t just say “more information…” and assume that the recruiter knows what you’re asking for, ask the question that you need an answer to.

However, if the post tells you to apply for the job via email with a resume in a specific format, that is how you apply. Not by posting the word “interested…” or two lines about yourself and a phone number in the comments. Why would the recruiter think that you’ll be able to follow instructions in their bar or hotel when you can’t follow instructions on a job advertisement?

Make Sure You Have a Well Written Resumé.

Assuming you’ve managed to read the whole advert and understand the request, make sure you have a well laid out and complete Resumé to send over to the person hiring. For international jobs, this will normally be in English, so if English is not your first language, make sure you have someone who is fluent (or even better a native speaker) look over it and tweak it before you send it.

Make sure your Bartender Resumé is focused on what you can do for the bar, restaurant, hotel or club, not on why you need the job. The business does not care if you need money to send to your family, as a business they are there to make money, and need to know why you will help them with their goals.

Make Yourself Reachable.Bartender Jobs

Be sure to include accurate and up to date contact information in your Resumé and make sure that you are monitoring those channels. If you get a response via email, it is no help if you don’t check your email for a week, so if you’re applying for jobs, check your email at least daily for responses, make sure you have voicemail set up on your phone and reply right away when you have a message.

Make Yourself Desirable.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, get some awards. Educate yourself, learn more drinks, know exactly what is trendy in the leading bar markets like New York and London. Enter competitions, there are hundreds every year online and in person and you’ll make a name for yourself and can point to these when applying for jobs. If you make enough of a name for yourself, you’ll never have to apply again as the recruiters will be looking for you, but until then, make sure you read the instructions on job ads and make it easy for someone to hire you as their next bartender!

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