The Alabama Slammer Cocktail finds fame in the famous Tom Cruise “Last Barman Poet” scene in the classic Cocktail Movie. The blend of Southern Comfort and Amaretto strengthened by vodka makes a great drink that is complex in its flavour and doesn’t contain anything too exotic that you wouldn’t find behind almost every bar.


Collins Glass with an Orange Flag Garnish


  • ¾oz Vodka
  • ¾oz Southern Comfort
  • ¾oz Amaretto
  • 3oz Orange Juice
  • ½oz Grenadine Syrup


Shake with ice and strain over fresh ice

Additional Information

Alabama Slammer is closely related to the Paradise Punch which adds lime and Pineapple to the recipe, and the Hawaiian Volcano (The US version of the Paradise Punch). This family of drinks all have similar recipes and flavours, yet the small variations do make the drinks surprisingly distinct.

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