While office workers everywhere look forward to four days off straight, no-one spares a thought for the bartenders who have a long four day weekend – the time when we are working the most! Below are some tips to keep you going through the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights ahead.

1: Get enough sleep.

If you arrive for your shift half asleep and feeling like crap on thursday night, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. Thursday night is likely to be the equivalent to a normal friday, in that everyone’s finished their work week (well, except bartenders) with Good Friday tomorrow no-one needs to be out of bed early. Grab a power nap in the afternoon and get to work fresh.

2: Eat something light before you start.

Its all about having the energy to get through the shift – and I don’t mean Red Bull – Save that for Sunday when you’re flagging (other energy drinks are available). A small portion of slow release carbs will keep trickle feeding you energy – consider a bowl of a good breakfast cereal before work, and avoid stodgy breads and fried foods.

3: Keep Hydrated.

Drink lots of water through the weekend, try to avoid large amounts of coffee and you’ll feel better right through. It will help you sleep better (especially if you’re ending your night with a beer or two, down a pint of water before you hit the sack) and you’ll feel fresher.

4: Get some exercise.

I know. I know, you’re a bartender, not a fitness instructor, but getting some movement into your day will give you more energy. I’m not saying run a marathon, but go for a brisk walk, lift some weights, even get out in the sun and throw some flair bottles around and work on your latest routines. Any movement is better than no movement!

5: Be prepared.

The motto of my childhood when I was in the Scouts, but its still relevant. Make sure you have everything you need for your shifts when you get in, bar blade, waiter’s friend, pens, order pad (just in case you have to take a food order or get a crazy round), uniform pressed and in good condition, and well groomed. Arrive a few minutes early for your shift to make sure your station is set and you have backups of everything. You want the shift to be as easy as possible, and running to the store every half hour when your run out of product will not make it easy. Alternatively hire a damn good Bar Back.

6: Stand out with some new drinks.

Bump your sales and keep the boss off your back by offering¬†these Killer Shooters to your guests to boost your check average and spend per head. Your manager will be delighted that you’re pushing sales, and they’ll help your tips. You’re welcome.

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