Rose wines are sparkling wines that have gained popularity since it was crafted. It comes in various pink to reddish shades with a fully carbonated texture. It is the only wine that can please every crowd. It does not only carry the most beautiful characteristic, but it can stand all day. It means that all Rose wines are consumable all year-round, anytime at any occasion. 

Every Rose wine labels are considered as a versatile bottle. It means you can drink wine whenever you want. You can also serve Rose wines to any party celebration as they complement well with different dishes and even desserts. You can also use this wine as the main ingredient for a recipe you’d like to cook. 

One of the most prominent usages of Rose wines is for cocktail drinks and mixes. Summer is heating up right now, and each one needs a refreshing cocktail to sip. Rose wines can stand all day long creating mixes which would likely cool down your mood.  You must try getting and tasting blends out of Rose wines and bring your wine tasting experience to a whole new level. 

There are plenty of cocktail mixes you can make out of Rosé wines. Each one of them can give you a unique, refreshing vibe which helps you get the right mood. In this article, we will provide you some of the best Rose wine cocktails to cool down your scorching summer. Here are they so you can get started. 

Summer Water Rose Groni

The Summer Water Rose Groni is one of the most straightforward yet most refreshing Rose cocktails you can make. You only need a few materials and ingredients to make this smooth mix. Picking a Summer Water Rose wine along with a Syrah-Grenache makes for a perfect match. You must also prepare some 3 oz. of this Summer Rose Wine, an ounce of Cocchi Americano, and Campari. 

All you have to do is to mix all ingredients in a big round glass or any glass you would like to use. Add some ice cubes, so your mixture is cold. Stir the mixture to make sure that every flavor is blended perfectly. You can take a peel of grapefruit to garnish your Rose cocktail mix for a more presentable look. 

Rose Colored Glasses 

Rose Colored Glass mix is another exciting Rose cocktail recipe you can prepare to quench your thirst. You must need lighter Rose wine and bigger wine glass to show off how colorful and refreshing Rose wines look. There are only a few ingredients you must prepare to create this cocktail mix.

You must get some 2 oz. of Pale Rose wine, a bottle of sparkling wine, lemon twist for garnish, and an ounce of Lillet Rose blend. You must start the process by getting a bigger wine glass and blend all the Rose wines. You may also add extra “booze” to this mix by putting some Sparkling wine like Cremant or Prosecco. You can add the lemon twist to complete your presentation. 

Rose Cobbler 

Cobbler is one of the most popular summer cocktail drinks you can find anywhere. You can make a little more twist to make this mix exciting by adding Rose wines. It will give you a more exhilarating summer mood as it exudes a perfect blend and bursts directly into your palate. It is also easy to prepare, along with other mixes listed above. 

You should get around 2 oz. of crisp Rose wine. You also need to prepare a half-ounce of high-quality Lustau Pedro sweet cherry. You can use a slice of orange to garnish your mix. All you need to do is to place the cherry and orange in a shaker. Make sure that everything is muddled and mixed perfectly. Add the Rose wine along with ice crumble. Put some mint leaves on top to make it fresher and look perfect. 

Migration Wind

Migration wind is one of the unique Rose cocktails mixes you can make. It is a frothy mix you can make out of Rose wines. The Migration wind Rose cocktail drink comes a little bit complicated to prepare but will give you an optimum satisfaction of a perfect summer blend to taste. It is something you must look forward to enjoying. 

You must get the needed ingredients such as an ounce of pisco, about one-fourth ounce of lemon juice, egg white, an ounce of simple syrup, rose wine, and Peychaud for garnish. All you have to do is to mix all the ingredients in a shaker and do a dry shake initially. You must then add the ice and shake the mixture again to blend totally. Garnish with Peychaud after straining and serve. 

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