Since the lockdown began in the UK, I’ve been part of a Facebook messenger group. Flair bartenders from around the UK and beyond just exchanging short videos to keep each other motivated, moving and learning.

Then an idea happened. What if we could string all of these videos together. A few simple rules were created. Catch the tin from one side and throw it off to the other. Film vertically (sorry purists). Keep it short.

Flair Bartending LEGEND Tom Dyer then took all the videos along with some ideas about music and edited together this behemoth of a flair video.

Flair Bartenders from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, the Philippines and more submitted their videos. Some had no-one to throw the tin into them, so they worked out other ways to transition. Some had kids to take care of so they featured too.

I’m incredibly proud of what the community came up with and incredibly grateful to Tom for his hard work in editing it all together. I hope you agree he did a cracking job!

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