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How do you make the Woo Woo classy? Read on.

The A La Peché was created for Marmalade in Birmingham by Samuel Boulton as a part of the hiball menu being introduced for Winter 2016, by taking a modern twist on the usual flavours in the Woo Woo but with super premium ingredients.

The Original Woo Woo

The standard Woo Woo consists of Peach Schnapps, vodka and cranberry juice. Its inoffensive, but that’s about it. The sweetness of the peach schnapps is balanced by the dryness of cranberry juice, which means its not overly sweet but is yet really accessable to those who don’t have a huge knowledge of drinks in general.

What we did to make the Woo Woo classy

We broke down the ingredients and found the best version of each – for peach we used Rinquinquin A la Peché, a wine flavoured with peach leaves (as well as fresh peach) produced by Distilleries Domain de Provence. For Vodka, Staritsky Levitsky Reserve super premium from Ukraine, produced in Lviv near the Polish border in copper pot stills.

To finish off we top with Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic to add fizz and dryness without the garish colour, completely changing the aesthetic of the drink. Drop a wedge of grapefruit in the top and you’re done!

A La Peché Cocktail Recipe

  • 1oz (30ml) Rinquinquin a la peché
  • 1oz (30ml) Startisky Levitsky Reserve Vodka
  • Top with Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic

Build over cubed ice in a large wine glass or copa glass, garnishing with a grapefruit wedge.

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